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Global Franchise Distribution Platform

YOUA GF is a specialized overseas franchise platform based on the ROK’s brands' launch into the Chinese franchise market.

We will work to support the ROK’s franchise companies launch into the global market and become the world's largest franchise platform company in not only the ROK, but also the world. It can be done through affiliations with specialized franchise marketing companies in China, Southeast Asia and so on.


YOUA GF is a stakeholder of ZHONG QING CHUANG, a subsidiary of top Chinese franchise company "KUAIDAO CO. LTD.", holding shares as well as exclusive rights in the ROK to launch into the Chinese market.  

Consequently, it will help prominent global franchises to launch and expand into China as quickly as possible and become a new platform to aid the launch of its contracted global franchise stores, centering on the 30 YOUA GF local corporation countries throughout the world.

Value of YOUA GF


· Founding of a joint company with the Foreign Student Talent Development Fund under the China Unification Frontline Division.

· Established an exclusive partnership in the ROK franchise business with ZHONG QING CHUANG.

· Acquired the exclusive rights to distribute the ROK’s products to the 132 branches and 320,000 franchisees of the KUAIDAO CO. LTD. Group.


· The first joint project with ZHONG QING CHUANG
· Sujenchiji: Played the role of brand king maker in successfully leading the EMS Healthcare Franchise Project:
· JiongPapaso Seafood: Planned a Chinese version of the Korean seafood joint brand by Yoo Jae-seok and Huh Ji-ong)


· A core affiliate of China’s No. 1 Franchise Industry KUAIDAO CO. LTD.
· Holds of ZHONG QING CHUANG shares 



F . I . N . E​


Global Franchise Distribution
· The Launching of ROK’s Franchises into China
·The Launching of China’s Franchises into The ROK
· Global Expansion of the ROK’s Franchises
· Distribution of Nonghyup’s Agricultural Products Into Franchises
· Distribution of Own PB Products
· Distribution of Food Ingredients and Sauces


(Big Data + Pin Tech + Commerce)
· Distribution of Nonghyup and The ROK’s Products
· Development of Own Brand
· Real-Time Commerce Platform
· Big Data Business
· Pin Tech Business

New development

New Development and Consulting
· Franchise Development Through IP Collaboration
· Early Planning and Investment for Brand Start-Up
· Self R & D Suitable for Current Trends
· Consulting and Management for Franchise Consulting Advertising Agency for Global



Training franchise experts
· Nurturing GF CEO
· Nurturing GF COO
· Nurturing GF CMO
· Nurturing GF CFO
· Nurturing GF retail professionals
· Nurturing GF practitioners 
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