Investment and Performance

Investment Mission | ZQC
Investment Period | Dec. 2017

Securing exclusive rights to the ROK as a subsidiary of ZHONG QING CHUANG and KUAIDAO CO. LTD.

Securing shareholders rights and global counter

Franchising platform for inland China

Core subsidiaries of China's largest franchise company, KUAIDAO CO. LTD.

Investment Mission  | (Xujienji) Beijing

No. 1 Company in Wireless EMS 
20 minutes of exercise in EMS suits under the guidance of a trainer is equivalent to 5 hours of exercise.

Investment Mission | S-EMS Co. LTD. Hong Kong

No. 1 Wireless EMS Solution, and global distribution.

투자사명 | Miracle EMS ROK

The world's first developer of water-free EMS solution


Business Name | JiongPapa sohisien

Chinese version of Korean seafood stew 
(Joint brand by Yoo Jae-seok and Huh Ji-ong) 
Jiongppaba so 
Incubation and food materials distribution at YOUA GF CO. LTD GROUP

Business Name | Sansien VIP

Visiting the ROK utilizing the advertising of Tencent Shopping malls that receive Chinese tourists daily