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Ceremony for the founding of YOUA GF CO. LTD. to be an exclusive contractor with ZHONG QING CHUANG,

Ceremony for the founding of YOUA GF CO. LTD. to be an exclusive contractor with ZHONG QING CHUANG, a subsidiary of China’s top franchise company KUAIDAO Group, which oversees 320,000 franchises.

The launch of ZHONG QING CHUANG, a core subsidiary of China’s top franchise company KUAIDAO Group, into to the ROK market

Holding a notable founding ceremony for YOUA GF CO. LTD., an investor in, as well as the exclusive dealership contractor of, ZHONG QING CHUANG

Prepared a foundation to successfully launch Franchise 3.0 business based on IT infrastructure in ChinaPioneered a sales outlet for the ROK’s products through the exclusive supply of the ROK’s products to the 320,000 franchise stores of KUAIDAO.

Nurturing Global ‘Franchise Connected Platform brands’ and supporting global market launch infrastructure

On the 8th of this month, a founding ceremony was held for YOUA GF CO. LTD., the ROK’s exclusive partner of KUAIDAO CO. LTD. (ZHONG QING CHUANG), the No. 1 franchise company in China as well as the world.

YOUA GF aims to be a GLOBALLY CONNECTED PLATFORM FOR FRANCHISES and provides a network of consulting and management services for various ROK franchises in 30 different countries.In particular, YOUA GF specializes in the Chinese business field and provides the ROK’s franchises with overall consulting services for launching into the Chinese market and managing the franchises within that market. In particular, YOUA GF utilizes the quick franchise solutions of KUAIDAO CO. LTD. to successfully localize and stabilize franchise launching into China. Through cooperation with KUAIDAO CO. LTD., which is China's top franchise company in part because it holds Big Data for Chinese franchises, YOUA GF is expected to be a bridgehead for the successful global expansion of the ROK’s franchise business.At a global franchise launch briefing session held on the same day,

YOUA GF CO. LTD. revealed that it will provide contracting parties with a franchise platform and marketing infrastructure through cooperation with KUAIDAO CO. LTD. and ZHONG QING CHUANG, help the ROK’s franchise companies launch into the Chinese and global markets, and strive to become the world's largest franchise platform company through utilization of the FINE strategy (franchise distribution, IT, new business, and education).“

YOUA GF CO. LTD. also presented the prospect for the development of IP + Collaborative franchise content, which refers to a collaboration between contents and franchises among the FINE strategy. It also entered into a business agreement on Global Contents IP and Franchise Business with COCOV PLATFORM HOLDINGS (Chairman Kim, Seon-chan), a specialized global platform company, and GLOSFER CO. LTD. (CEO, Kim, Tae-won), a specialized block chain company.

Through this agreement, YOUA GF revealed that, in cooperation with COCOV PLATFORM HOLDINGS and GLOSFER, it will provide the ROK’s contents IP and franchise companies with a platform for launching into the Chinese market, and establish a cooperative system between the two countries to foster a global franchise brand and launch into the global market based on its extensive experience and marketing ability.

Participants at the agreement ceremony on the day included Zhang Shi Chang, the founder of China’s KUAIDAO Group and ZHONG QING CHUANG, Maui, a co-CEO of ZHONG QING CHUANG and YOUA GROUP, Shaizing Hu, CEO of YOUA GROUP, Geoffrey Leung, CFO of YOUA GROUP and a former staff member at Rothschild Bank, Jeong Chang-Sup, Chairman of YOUA GF, Kim, Seon-chan, Chairman of COCOV PLATFORM HOLDINGS, Kim Tae Eun, Director of GLOSFER, Kim Young Shik, Vice President of DMC, a listed company at KOSDAQ, Park Kyung-soo, President of Double P Partners, Jo Gwang-je, Chairman of the ROK-China City Friendship Association LTD., Andre Jeong, Chairman of Showbiz Enter Group Co., LTD. and so on.

The agreement specifies the following. YOUA GF CO. LTD. GROUP shall provide the contracting parties with platform construction and infrastructure in China for the ROK’s content IP and franchise business through its parent company YOUA GROUP, KUAIDAO CO. LTD. and ZHONG QING CHUANG. COCOV PLATFORM HOLDINGS shall build a domestic platform for entertainment, content IP, and franchise business to support the launch of Chinese and global companies into the ROK. GLOSFER shall support the overall block chain technology and solutions.

YOUA GF GROUP’s co-CEO, Park Sang Yong, graduated from Tsinghua University in China, completed the specialized Chabis CEO course, and became the team leader of the strategic team of YOUA GROUP. He is an outstanding global businessman who is fluent in Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese. YOUA GF GROUP’s co-CEO, Park Sang Yong, graduated from Tsinghua University in China, completed the specialized Chabis CEO course, and became the team leader of the strategic team of YOUA GF CO. LTD. GROUP. YOUA GROUP’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Geoffrey Leung, consulted Alibaba’s Chairman Jack Ma throughout the company’s process of being listed on the NYSE during his tenure as the Chief Executive of Rothschild Bank’s Beijing branch. He stated, “I will do my best to grow YOUA GF as a unicorn industry within a short period”.

YOUA GROUP was originally formed under the name of SMART RISUM in 2015 and rapidly developed within three years into a ‘global business making company’ that demonstrated expertise in a variety of areas such as franchising, IT, new technology, entertainment, medical service, AI, and ICO. It boasts partners from not only China, but also Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Japan and so on. YOUA GROUP runs 'Chabis (Business Media Platform)', which trains international students to become professional managers with the aim to draw them into the incubation process for business start-ups. It also operates in cooperation with ZHONG QING CHUANG in diverse ways.

KUAIDAO CO. LTD. is a company that governs 132,000 franchises, 200 franchise brands, 6,300 employees and 32 affiliates in China, specializing in the food, health and beauty industries. It boasts the largest scale of franchise business in not only China, but also the world and is often referred to as the ALIBABA of franchise business. By classifying 1500 cities of 2-5th levels instead of 1st level, the company has the world's best franchise Quick Solution, attracting the fastest franchise stores by utilizing the local big data that accurately analyzes the consumption level, preference, and inclination of the Chinese people. Despite issues with THAAD, in 2016 it was listed in the GUINNESS BOOK of WORLD RECORDS by opening 873 Korean food franchise stores, including HANSANGGUNG and GYEONGBUGUNG, and attracting 20,000 ice cream franchise stores in a single calendar year.

Song Haifeng, President of Savaskin, a subsidiary the of KUAIDAO Group, attended the ceremony and said, "Within the past three years, Savaskin has become the top franchise editor shop exclusively in cosmetics by opening more than 140 franchise stores, and I believe our company is the ideal O2O shop to publicize the ROK’s cosmetics to the Chinese people. Our hope is to import a substantial amount of the ROK’s cosmetics into China.

In addition, ZHONG QING CHUANG is a core affiliate of the KUAIDAO CO. LTD. Group. It is a company that was jointly established with the Foreign Student Talent Development Fund under the China Unification Frontline Division. It is also known as a global franchise, star joint brand (the Chinese version of a Korean seafood joint branded by Yoo Jae-seok and Huh Ji-ong), and the first Chinese franchise government corporation that specializes in consulting with government joint brands. It is known to have exclusive dealership rights for all the foreign franchises that want to launch into China through the KUAIDAO CO. LTD. Group and holds the exclusive right to deliver overseas goods to 320,000 merchants.

YOUA GF GROUP sourced many products from the ROK through exclusive rights to deliver the ROK’s products to all the franchises in the KUAIDAO CO. LTD. Group among the entitlements of ZHONG QING CHUANG. Its sales target is 100 billion or more in 2018.

In particular, Henry, who founded the YOUA GF CO. LTD GROUP and led the business making, said, "China is currently opening the franchise 3.0 market. The Barring Houe (b. 80s) generations are looking to get involved in start-ups more than salary jobs, and, at the same time, people in their 50s and 60s will soon retire. Therefore, it is expected that the demand for franchise businesses will increase exponentially from now on, thereby increasing the value of this business cooperation.”

The founding of the ROK Corporation of YOUA GF GROUP, with its global launch of the ROK’s franchise market and its abundant know-how and marketing infrastructure, is undoubtedly something to keep an eye on in the future.

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