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[Seoul = NBN News Agency] Reporter Ahn, Sang Hyuk = COCOV PLATFORM HOLDINGS entered into a business cooperation agreement with the ROK's top franchise company in China.

COCOV PLATFORM HOLDINGS (a global platform specialist), along with GLOSFER (a block chain specialist) entered into a business contract on the 10th, with KUAIDAO CO. LTD. (the top franchise company in not only China, but also the world) and YOUA GF GROUP (the ROK’s corporation of ZHONG QING CHUANG) for the development of ‘global contents IP and franchise business’.

Through this agreement, COCOV PLATFORM HOLDINGS will establish a foothold for launching into the Chinese market the ROK’s content IP and franchise business. It will establish a cooperative system between the two countries to foster a global franchise brand and launch into the global market.

In addition, YOUA GF will provide ROK’s franchise companies with a franchise platform and marketing infrastructure. It will also support ROK’s franchise companies in their efforts to launch into the Chinese and global markets through cooperation with specialized companies.

Kim Seon-chan, Chairman of COCOV PLATFORM HOLDINGS, said, "I hope this agreement can expand the global franchise market between the ROK and China, help the globalization of the IT infrastructure platform through close technology exchange, and give a breakthrough to add new value to the Korean Wave (Hallyu), such as contents, health, beauty and biotechnology."


NBN News Agency (http://www.nbnnews.co.kr)

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